13 Cities and Municipalities

Der Aussichtsturm "Ballett der Bewegung" in Dietzenbach.


It's all the way up in Dietzenbach, which is seat of the Kreis Offenbach! The 21 meter high look-out of Dietzenbach offers a magnificent panorama of the whole region. But the town is worth a look, too. Old and new architectural styles are in perfect harmony in Dietzenbach's Old Town complemented by many attractive shops. Right in the heart of Dietzenbach and only a stone’s through away from each other are the Kreis Offenbach and the town hall as well as a large shopping centre. The state of the art community hall is used for a wide range of cultural events and is also available for conventions and conferences. A well-connected network of cycling and hiking trails, the Regionalpark- Route with a Baroque garden, a waterpark, a history trail, a variety of sporting activities and associations as well as numerous festivals and events are ideal for recreation and leisure time.


Burg Hayn Dreieich


The Town of Dreieich is the second-largest municipality in the Kreis Offenbach. Each of the five districts has its own distinctive flair. Whereas the District of Buchschlag is defined by an exclusive residential area from 1900 built in the Art Nouveau style, Dreieichenhain has preserved its mediaeval townscape until today. History comes alive in Dreieichenhain during the summer when the picturesque castle ruin is turned into an open air theatre for the famous "Castle Festival", concerts and stage performances. But Dreieich does not only attract culture enthusiasts as almost half of the municipal area is made up of woods making it the ideal place for hiking and cycling.


Egelsbach - Flugplatz


The rather small municipality of Egelsbach has the largest airfield among Germany's General Aviation. Especially business people travelling to the region either by private or chartered plane appreciate the attractive location of the town and its excellent traffic connections. As far as leisure time facilities are concerned, Egelsbach is a real "high-flyer", too. A public outdoor pool, solar-heated sports facilities as well as a fitness and exercice course offer various possibilities to relax.


Hainburg - Schleuse

Hainburg - Schleuse


The Town of Hainburg comprising the two districts Hainstadt and Klein-Krotzenburg has a long history. The town's roots reach back to Roman times. During the Middles Ages, a summer getaway was built there for the abbots of the Seligenstadt monastery. An interesting sight is the pilgrimage church with a miraculous image from 1620 situated in the municipal forest. The International Grass Race taking place in Klein- Krotzenburg every year is an exiting event for all motor sports enthusiasts.


Heusenstamm - Schloss Schönborn


Three of the most beautiful landmarks of the county can be found in the Town of Heusenstamm. Visitors admire the spacious Renaissance castle built in 1663, idyllically situated on the Bieberaue (beaver meadow), where the "Culture Summer at the Castle" takes place in the summertime. The Baroque style church St. Cäcilia, completed in 1740 according to plans of the famous masterbuilder Balthasar Neumann, impresses with its monumental architecture, generous ceiling frescos and its ornate high altar. Another cultural-historical landmark is the gate construction built in honour of Emperor Franz I in 1764. Besides historic sights and a picturesque Old Town Heusenstamm offers (almost) everything an attractive and future oriented town needs. Visitors who value a modern and urban infrastructure will find many leisure time and sporting activities, a great choice of cultural activities and other events as well as catering for any taste – from traditional Hessian inns to classy restaurants.


Langen - Paul-Ehrlich-Institut


Conveniently accessible from all directions, Langen is the perfect site not only for the famous Paul-Ehrlich-Institut and the German Air Traffic Control residing in the town but also for business people and conference organizers. They all profit from the favourable location and will find everything for a successful stay. The cultural heart of the town is the new community hall. The "Vierröhrenbrunnen", a fountain dating back to the 16th century is the center of the Old Town where the traditional annual "Ebbelwoifest" (Apple Wine Fest) is celebrated in the month of June. For people rather preferring sports activities, Langen is the the place to go. The swimming lake in the woods – starting point of the annual Ironman European Championship – and the public leisure and family outdoor pool located in the Teichstrasse are favoured venues for the whole family. Many cycling and hiking trails are meandering through the scenic surroundings.


Mainhausen - Mainuferweg


The contemplative Town of Mainhausen has its "fingers on the pulse of time". The smallest municipality in the county is the location of the transmitter tower for the official German Time. But Mainhausen made up of the disctricts of Zellhausen and Mainflingen has more to offer in regards to leisure-time activities. Sightseeing flights can be booked at the gliding airfield in Zellhausen and the local swimming lake and campgrounds attract many visitors in the summertime. A landmark well worth seeing is the parish church St. Wendelinus in the New Gothic style.


Mühlheim - Mühle

Mühlheim am Main

Mühlheim am Main is a modern and environmentally conscious town with a feel-good factor located right in the centre of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area. Its organically grown and family-friendly infrastructure assures a high quality of life next to the big city and the county’s other towns. Mühlheim am Main has even more to offer: the River Main with its beautiful meadows and the two streams Rodau and Bieber, a large forest, nature reserves and protected landscapes as well as a variety of social, cultural and sporting activities. The ideal location to live, work and invest.



Neu-Isenburg - Bansamühle


Neu-Isenburg is the economic center of the Kreis Offenbach, yet it is rather young if measured by the 2000-year-old history of the region. Founded in 1699 by Huguenots, Neu-Isenburg was one of the first planned towns in the 17th century. The modern community centre Hugenottenhalle which is used for large events of any kind has been named after the founding fathers of Neu-Isenburg. Numerous concerts, galas, stage performances and cabarets have made the town one of the main cultural venues in the FrankfurtRhineMain region. Additionally, the Hugenottenhalle can also be used for conventions and conferences. The Jagdhaus Gravenbruch housing a modern hotel complex of international standard is another excellent location for conventions. By the way, one of Germany's most famous specialties, the "Frankfurter", is made in Neu-Isenburg!


Obertshausen - Nachtwächter


The Town of Obertshausen offers a large variety of excellent restaurants, hotels and bed and breakfast places attracting the visitors of the trade shows and fairs in Frankfurt and Offenbach. To date the town is home of some internationally renowned manufacturers of leather goods. Varied leisure activities such as the local indoor water park and conveniently situated retail shops ensure a pleasant stay. The basilica in the town centre will take visitors by surprise as this unique landmark combines Mediaeval, Baroque and even Art Nouveau styles.



Rodgau - Evangelische Kirche Dudenhofen


The town of Rodgau is centrally located in the economic region FrankfurtRhineMain and is an important residential and business location in the Kreis Offenbach. The history of its districts dates back to the 8th century. Tradition and modernity are no contradiction here. New architecture and half-timbered houses dominate the townscape. Rodgau offers a high quality of life. A family-friendly infrastructure that has evolved organically over the years exists for young and old: all school types, many childcare facilities, varied shopping areas, senior care and many more. Rodgau offers high recreational value right on the doorstep: meadows, forests and the Rodgau-lake invite you to go walking, cycling, swimming and to relax. The social activities of the many clubs and associations and the numerous cultural offerings contribute to the town’s charm. Although Rodgau has maintained the character of a town in the country side, the attractive location in the southeast part of the FrankfurtRhineMain area - one of the commercially strongest regions in Germany – offers the ideal environment to set up businesses.


Rödermark - Rodgau-Dom


Environmentally conscious, child-friendly and citizen-friendly are the reasons why the Town of Rödermark is so favoured by families. The diversified cultural events in Rödermark also contribute to the town's appeal. Rödermark offers something for everybody’s taste, whether its cabaret or comedy, jazz or concerts, opera or muscial. Especially events taking place in the so-called "Kelterscheune" (Cider Press Barn) and the municipal culture hall attract guests from the whole region. The District of Urberach used to be one of the Hessian centres for pottery. The Pottery Museum and the Collector Plate Museum pay tribute to this piece of contemporary town history. The traditional and popular pottery market also takes place in Urberach. Rödermark has a lot to offer with regards to sports activities. A main attraction is the "Badehaus Rödermark", an indoor waterpark with a spacious pool and sauna area including a wellness spa where guests can relax and recreate.


Seligenstadt - Einhardbasilika


In the Town of Seligenstadt visitors can experience history firsthand. The monumental architectural style of the „Einhardsbasilika", a basilica from the early 9th century, is the town's landmark and dominating the townscape. Nowadays it is considered to be one of the most significant examples of Carolingian architecture. Adjacent to the basilica is an abbey with Abbot's House, Emperor's Hall, millhouse, kitchen and cloister gardens. Another sight well worth seeing is the town hall built in the Classicism style in the heart of the town next to the atmospheric market place. Other places of interest are the Museum of Local History and the Carnival Museum. Lovers of theater, music and cinema will find a multitude of attractive offers and events. And Seligenstadt provides well for its visitors: a multitude of restaurants, taverns and bars tempt their guests with regional and international specialities.