Business Location

Global players and strong small and medium sized businesses united in a vibrant region

The Kreis Offenbach is international in every respect. Its central location within the Rhein-Main area is an incentive for many world market leaders to settle their businesses in one of the district’s 13 municipalities. Further, small and medium sized businesses are the pillars of the local economy. Success is not only guaranteed by excellent conditions of location, but also by innovative economic politics. Business development in the Kreis Offenbach – that’s the cooperation between private enterprises and public authorities.

Egelsbach - Flugplatz

Another big plus of the Kreis Offenbach is its excellent infrastructure. Mobility is essential in today’s world and a determining factor for economic power and growth. As part of the Rhein-Main economic region, the Kreis Offenbach is integrated into a network of traffic ways, which can hardly be found in any other region in Germany. Its proximity to the international turntable, the Frankfurt/Rhein-Main airport, and to Egelsbach airfield as well as a dense net of public transport with many stops connect the Kreis Offenbach to the whole world. Whether by car or by public transport – at any time - day or night - Europe’s second largest airport is only a stone’s through away from the Kreis Offenbach. Two central highway connections - from east to west and north to south – meet at the Frankfurter Kreuz and touch the border of the Kreis Offenbach. Both private and business people value the Egelsbach airfield, as it offers easy and fast access to the Rhein-Main economic region without the bustle of a large airport – and yet it is the gate to the world.

Business development in the Kreis Offenbach is much more than cooperation between companies. The persons responsible have recognized that education is our most important resource. Therefore, the Kreis Offenbach has set itself the ambitious target to become the number one location in education within the county of Hesse. Manifold projects create ideal preconditions in the area of education and knowledge. Since 2005 two private partners are responsible for redevelopment, maintenance and operation of the 90 schools within the district. But even beyond school, education remains an important issue in the Kreis Offenbach. In Dreieich a House of Life Long Learning was built - including an International School, which opened in 2009. Further, lasting inputs for innovation are guaranteed in adult education due to the University of Cooperative Education teaching economics and computer sciences, for instance.

The Kreis Offenbach offers world market leaders as well as traditional small and medium sized businesses excellent conditions of location.